Sunday, September 30

Mistakes that cost lives

From The Economist Plenty of blame to go around, Sep 27th 2007:

"On September 5th Mattel had told an American Congressional committee that
its recall of 17.4m toys containing a small magnet that could be swallowed by
children was due to a flaw in the toys' design, rather than production
flaws in China.

From a BBC article on the 13 August 2007:

"The boss of a Chinese toy firm involved in a huge safety recall has committed suicide, Chinese media has said. Zhang Shuhong, who co-owned the Lee Der Toy Company, was reportedly found dead at his factory in southern China.
About 1.5 million toys made for Fisher Price, a subsidiary of US giant Mattel, were withdrawn from sale earlier this month. Many were made by Lee Der."

(emphasis all mine)
This seems to suggest the suicide was a consequence of the recall and the accusations.
If only the (late, reluctant and shameless) apology could bring Zhag Shuhong's life back...

Plenty of blame to go around
Chinese toy boss 'kills himself'

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