Sunday, June 18

What's in a Name?

I had a Malay housemate called Kamarun Kamarundil (he would, when introduced, always give the shorter version Nick).
I have a Thai friend called Kamontip Sapphawaht.
I absolutely love their names, and can already see the trailer for a Hollywood romantic blockbuster titled When Kamarun Kamarundil met Kamontip Sapphawaht...

Monday, June 12

John Long Prize

On a letter dated November 2005 that I only had access to yesterday, I found out that my thesis was awarded the "John Long Prize for best research thesis"!

Thank you very much to all those mentioned in my acknowledgments section (and maybe a few others who were sadly forgotten)
If there is any cash involved a promise will be made right here and now to spend (some of) it well and wisely on a nice open BBQ with free drinks for all!
(sadly, no cash prize = no free BBQ+drinks for all)

Now ain't I a happy, lucky chap...