Sunday, April 13

Hey! My life is O.K.! (happy, happy!)

My Complete Far Side (50% off the original price!) arrived Friday morning and made my weekend in a way that can only be described by Zita Swoon's wonderful Bananaqueen below

Some classics:

Gary Larson is brilliant.
One thing, though: the 2 volumes are way too big and heavy -4 volumes would have been much better :)

Thursday, April 10

(More) Resources For Learning Mandarin

Another gem for my growing list of Resources For Learning Mandarin:

Nciku contains a neat dictionary, conversations (text-to-speech, optionally annotated with hànzì and pīnyīn), Q & A's, tools, an awesome handwriting recognition tool that let's you draw Chinese characters, and plenty more cool stuff!

Resources For Learning Mandarin